Planning a kitchen garden with the POD

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Come and Grow With Us!

We are delighted to be working with The Pod to kick start our community allotment spaces within Charterhouse Gardens.

The project runs every Friday from 23rd April to 2nd July 2021. We are hoping to extend the project into Spring 2022.

We have limited space for up to 10 volunteers maximum to join us on this project.

Food Union – Planning a kitchen garden

Within the grounds of Charterhouse there are two vacant growing beds. We have invited The POD to join us in the exciting new journey, to plant and manage a kitchen garden alongside members of the local community.

Charterhouse has a rich heritage of being a producing garden, volunteers will connect with this history, plan a new garden and collectively chart the gardens development in a collective volunteer journal. A hard copy will be produced using paper hand made by a Food Union collaborating artist in the future.

Come and learn how to manage a growing space that efficiently produces the largest possible harvest, how to work the land consciously so that it meets environmental needs, and how to design a growing plan based around the sites parameters. Within these topics, we will explore techniques for growing such as companion planting, intercropping, polycultures and planning for rotations as well as exploring how to create home fertilisers.

In order to be Covid safe, each session will be with a maximum bubble of six including one Food Union Coordinator, one experienced member of Food Union and four members of the community.

All materials are supplied as part of this project, however we do ask you to being your own gardening gloves (and mask) to comply with Covid health and safety.

If this is something you are interested in getting involved with and volunteering we would love to hear from you! Fill out our volunteer interest form today!

Please note, the application deadline for this project is Monday 12th April 2021. Following this you will be invited to a digital induction equipping you with everything you need to volunteer for this project.

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