Give back to history

Coventry’s historic places can only come to life with your support. Thank you to all our donors and volunteers who are helping to give a future to the city’s heritage.

Volunteer welcoming visitors to Charterhouse


Get involved and make a difference by volunteering with us. With a variety of outdoor, indoor and digital roles to choose from you can help care for Coventry’s historic places.


You can help support the revival of the city’s heritage and contribute to the restoration of some of its most important sites.
"Volunteers are at the heart of our mission to bring new life to Coventry’s rich heritage. If you are passionate about Coventry’s natural and built heritage and want to develop your skills and life experience join today!”

Jennifer Rutte (Historic Coventry Trust Volunteer Coordinator)

Other ways you can give or help

Suggest events that could be successfully managed by the Trust using the existing Trust portfolio.

Spread the word about what the Trust is doing and excite others to join us to support our efforts.

Donate money either on a monthly basis or as a lump sum, fundraising on our behalf.

Connect with us

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