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In the second blog in the ULAS series, Site director Andrew McLeish and environmental archaeologist William Johnson introduce us to an often-overlooked aspect of archaeological projects but one which can contribute greatly to them.

In their last blog they talked about the discoveries made during the excavation of the area forming the extension to the new café space at Coventry Charterhouse, and left on a gentle cliff-hanger about the discovery of a disturbed midden of oyster shells. In this post they take a little time off site and take a closer look at how environmental archaeology can add greatly to the understanding of a site.

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If your interested in archaeology, why not join us for Beneath Your Feet at Charterhouse. The event is a deep dive into the history of Charterhouse Heritage Park and part of the nationwide Festival of Archaeology.

An archaeologist recovers a dump of oyster shells from Coventry Charterhouse

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