Fri 3 May 2024, 7.30pm

Inspired by the old habit of telling the hive of a death Tell it to the Bees weaves
together wonder and folk tales, true life accounts and encounters with bees both in folklore
and the natural world.

Presented as part of the Dead Good Death Festival (3-5 May at the Anglican Chapel) this performance is about travelling forward, hope, and life whilst still remembering those that have gone
before. It is lively, funny and thought provoking.

Expect shapeshifting magic, wise women, and bee lore, nature imagery and travelling
companions who are not of this world


There’s a lad on a path he cannot escape, a fox with a tale and a king bound by his beard. While on an island a young woman spits charms at the raging sea.
How can they all become free?
The soaring melodies and warm earthy harmonies of the music combine with lively physical performance and rich spoken word imagery that engages and transports audiences who have told us that Tell It To The Bees is :
“visually captivating” with an “exquisite alchemy in the way that space, movement, story, music and persona come together” and that the “haunting wind music, energetic storytelling and the powerful presence of the Hive brings the story vividly to life”

Watch a video here of a family ‘telling it to the bees’.

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About The Company – Kate and Pyn are down to earth, engaging performers who first began to collaborate in the
early 2000’s when they discovered that they shared a common passion for old tales, folk
songs and the improvisational nature of live music and story.
They combine elements of jazz, contemporary music, spoken and physical performance.
Kate is a clarinettist and composer who draws on a wide range of musical experience
encompassing classical, jazz, funk and folk music genres.
Originally a West Country girl whose musical exploration has taken her far and wide most recently to New Orleans.
Pyn is a performance storyteller living on a boat in the West Midlands. She spends her time researching and telling stories. She loves her work! And is particularly interested in folk tales of wild woods and old magics, folk traditions and plant lore.
Feedback and comments:
“A beautiful deep story that will stay with me for a long time to come”
“Beautifully told and deeply comforting”
“Tell It To The Bees is a magical journey through loss, healing, kindness, and
“I connected with the exchange of favours between the living and the dead – the boy gifts all he has to give the old man a decent burial and is rewarded by being given a knowledge beyond his own; the knowledge of the elders and the otherworld.”
“a moving piece exploring death, dying and what others can do for us … as well as what we can do for others.”


Tell it to the Bees


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