Lullaby by Luke Jerram

Sunday 7 Nov | 4pm - 7pm

Two flotillas of twinkling bikes playing an ambient soundscape will be passing through the streets of Longford and Cheylesmore converging at the Abundance of Light festival in Foleshill marking Diwali.

At dusk a surround sound illuminated artwork playing a soundscape by Dan Jones and Guy Hughes will convoy through residential streets, arriving to Foleshill for Diwali. In honour the Starley family, godfathers of bicycle invention, the bikes will ride past memorials in London Road Cemetery sensitively ringing specially tuned bells designed by sound collective Friend or Foe. Together we will celebrate Coventry as a City that moves of invention and innovation.

Wait on your doorstep and wave us by.

The Lullaby routes will be available to view soon


Lullaby by Luke Jerram is a gift to the city, a surround sound illuminated artwork, created by its own citizens. At dusk, when the suburban streets are quiet and empty a young family await the Lullaby to pass by their home. Music can be heard drifting down the streets and a shoal of twinkling lights is seen in the distance, getting closer. Only as the mass of illuminated bikes pass their house do they realise that the music is coming from speakers attached to around 100 decorated bikes producing the most ambient and serene music.  

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Lullaby North Route – Coming soon

Lullaby South Route – Coming soon


Access for all

Lullaby is accessible for all, join us anywhere along the route and wave us on!