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In 2021 Historic Coventry Trust completed the restoration of Coventry’s two medieval city gatehouses, Swanswell Gate and Cook Street Gate. Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Historic Coventry Trust has carefully restored the gatehouses and removed them from the Heritage at Risk Register and both gates have been transformed into bespoke visitor accommodation.

This education resource pack centres around the history of the city gates and Lady Herbert’s Garden, using the gates as a lens through which to view Coventry’s wider story. The pack has been designed for use by teachers, to assist in the teaching of local history for primary and secondary school students. The resources are linked to the national curriculum throughout, for use in both local history studies, topic work and

The ‘Through the Gates’ education resource pack is split into six topics, each examining a key aspect of Coventry’s history from the medieval period to the present day. Each topic contains a ‘cheat sheet’ for teachers with context and content, suggested lesson plans for key stages 2 and 3, and a set of further activities. The accompanying primary and secondary source materials are included in separate, downloadable folders per topic.

Click on the links below to view and download the pack pdf and associated sources folders.



Through the Gates Sources



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