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Historic Coventry Trust are excited to be working in partnership with the National Trust to plant a new community blossom garden in Charterhouse Heritage Park. Designed in partnership with the local community, the garden will be a beautiful addition to the park, and a special place for local people and visitors to spend time, reflect and connect with nature.

Photo credit: Victoria Beddoes 


Throughout Spring and Summer 2022 we will be gathering local people to form a project team. The team will have a say in choosing which trees are planted and where they go, and generally help shape this special garden. An exciting addition to Charterhouse Heritage Park, the garden will encourage more people to visit, and for this reason, we would like it to be designed with park users in mind. After a period of working with local people and partners in 2022, the trees will be planted in early 2023.

If you would like to get involved, you can come along to several upcoming events, or email the National Trust at about joining the project team.

The project is part of a pledge made by the National Trust to plant blossom tree gardens in urban places across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland over the next five years as the National Trust looks to create a British equivalent of Japan’s Hanami – the popular custom of celebrating the joy of spring. To find out more about the National Trust’s work on blossom across the UK click here. 




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